Academic Learning

Rabbinical studies at the Zacharias Frankel College consist of four main parts: academic studies, yeshiva studies, additional skills and practical internships. The academic studies consist of a Bachelor and Master degrees at the School of Jewish Theology at the University of Potsdam. These include courses in Bible, Talmud, Jewish exegesis, philosophy, and modern Jewish history, as well as intensive language courses in Hebrew and Aramaic for those who need them. 

Of course, being a rabbi doesn’t just mean getting a university degree. The academic studies are complemented by additional Talmud, Torah, and halacha studies. This is done throughout the course of study, and most intensively during the year spent studying at the Conservative Yeshiva in Jerusalem. On top of this, students will pass classes in pastoral skills, preparing them for accompanying a community through intense and intimate moments in life. Students will also be expected to learn liturgical skills, to be able to lead services throughout the Jewish calendar.

Students will be assigned to Masorti synagogues in Germany and throughout Europe, in order to learn best-practice from strong communities, and get a chance to put their learning into practice, in the form of leading services, teaching Torah, and accompanying life-cycle events.

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