Karen Engel

Portrait Karen Engel

“Born in California as a first generation American of Polish-German immigrants, I moved to Europe in the 1990s to work as a radio journalist and covered Jewish and other issues as part of my work. I only decided to become a rabbi after many years of being involved with the Jewish community in Austria — raising a family where there are few Jews and organizing many Jewish cultural and religious activities in southern Austria. I want to help strengthen Jewish life and values so that our children also have a place and a future here in Europe.”

Irene Muzas Calpe

Portrait Irene Muzas Calpe

My main goal is the preservation and recovery of our Jewish tradition in Spain. Lost and forgotten for many centuries our Jewish heritage is beginning to emerge in many fascinating forms and I am looking forward to learning and contributing to its renaissance, and give it a voice beyond its frontiers. My main interests are the study of aggadic literature, feminist Judaism and the irruption of popular culture such as comic-books in Judaism.
Born and raised in Barcelona, before I decided to become a rabbi and devote my life to learning and teaching Torah, I worked as an English and Latin teacher and as a publisher.

Andrés Bruckner

Portrait Andrés Bruckner

“I have been deeply marveled by Judaism and by Jewish history. I admire both the triumphs and the failures of our people and I believe we have always tried to do our best. That is what I see: a lot of hard work, contemplation, meditation, struggle, God and love. I desired it all to be present in my life.
Hey! I am Andrés originally from Colombia. Since I was 17 years old I knew I wanted to become a Rabbi, but before I really undertook this path I work in the stock market for about 3 years.