Masorti in Europe

The Masorti movement in Europe is a diverse, highly-motivated and fast-growing collection of over 40 synagogue communities in 15 countries. The largest Masorti communities are in Britain and France. The movement draws historical inspiration from the Wissenschaft-based schools in Germany and Budapest, as well as from the development of the Conservative/Masorti movement in Israel and in the United States. Masorti institutions include a youth movement (NOAM), a young-adults association (MAROM), a religious court (the European Beit Din) that oversees conversions and divorce procedures, supervises the catering of kosher food, and rules on complex issues of Jewish law. The movement brings together the different communities, strengthening smaller communities and bringing fresh ideas to the larger ones. The Zacharias Frankel College is the only Masorti rabbinical training institute in Europe.