Hamas‘ attack on Israel

A month after the  barbaric events  that happened in Israel, where Hamas assault, deliberately raped, decapitated, murdered, and took over 200 civilians as hostages, the Zacharias Frankel College call for the immediate release of the captive civilians, and to seek for long term solutions.
We affirm the right of the State of Israel to protect its own population by defending itself from attack, but always affirming the value of minimizing civilian casualties, by all means possible.
We strongly condemn the worldwide anti-semitic outbursts, in particular in Germany and Berlin. The attempted arson on the Berlin community „Kahal Adass Jisroel“ and the orthodox seminary „Rabbinerseminar zu Berlin“ is a coward attack on us all.
Under these tragic circumstances, we believe in the importance of  the role of academic and spiritual centers, to foster engagements of curiosity, dialogue, and the pursuit of wisdom in the service of a future of peace, security, and justice.