Masorti Judaism

Masorti (or Conservative) Judaism believes in continuing our deep and meaningful Jewish tradition, and keeping it vibrant, relevant and authentic in our day. It includes a strong commitment to a life of halachic observance and high ethical standards, with an equal commitment to modern values, social engagement and scientific enquiry. 

Masorti Judaism developed slightly differently in Europe, Israel and the United States, but the same core commitments can be found all over. Masorti rabbis are expected to be proficient in classic sources (Torah, Talmud and halachic codes) and modern academic insights, as well as being role-models in the community, and engaged in the challenges of our day. 

Masorti Judaism is an authentic part of the wider Jewish community, with full respect for the diversity of practice and belief that can be found throughout the Jewish world, but integrity and commitment to our own values. We strive for maximal inclusion in our communities, including gender-equality and accessibility for those traditionally kept on the margins of Jewish life. We prioritise teaching and informed choices, as well as a traditional framework of community norms.