Applications Welcome!


Are you interested in becoming a Masorti Rabbi?

Please send us an email, telling us about yourself, your Jewish experiences and your motivation.

We are looking for women and men who believe they can and will make a difference in Jewish life in Germany or abroad. We are seeking active, creative Jewish leaders, adhering to Jewish law and the traditions of the past as well as embracing and challenging the future.

Our application process:

* Administrative staff in Berlin as well as colleagues from the Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies in L.A. conduct preliminary interviews with the prospective candidate.

* If expectation and requirements match, the candidate is invited to the Interview on Admission in Berlin. 

* In the interview we discuss the candidate's spiritual, intellectual and professional journey on the basis of his/her essays and the recommendations which we received on his/her behalf.

* Within one week the candidate will be informed about the results of the interview committee.

We do not charge any tuition fees and we offer scholarships for living expenses.


Sandra Anusiewicz-Baer, Coordinator